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October 1999

Thanks to Lion Bernie Rohling for the excellent meal at our Sept.  2nd meeting and also to Paul Fobbe and the SLAM students at HLWW High School for the superb meal at our Sept. 16th meeting.

At the 6th Annual Heel and Wheel for Hearing and Service Dogs, there were 107 walkers that raised over $21,000.  Among the walkers were the following members of our Lions club who participated: Darrell Main, Nancy Main, Bernie Rohling, Judy Rohling, Duane Hass, Tammy Rienke, Denny Massey, Joyce Thorson, and Steve Weber.  A big thank you to these members who took time out to be involved in this activity.

Any Lions member that is need of  a new name tag should contact Lion LaNette Thorson (543-2610) ASAP.

Lions Peggy Borders and Val Mitchell will be the co-chairs of our annual food shelf drive in October.  The drive will take place at Gerry's Super Valu in Howard Lake.  Please watch for announcement on date and time in the H.L. Herald.

Enclosed in this month's newsletter is the Proposal for  "Change of Gambling Manager" for the Howard Lake Lions Club.  If you have any questions, comments, or changes concerning this proposal, please contact Lion Jim Stellman (286-6113) before our next meeting.

There is a bill attached in this month's newsletter for all the members who have not paid their 1999-2000 membership dues.  If you are one of those members who have not paid,  please do so ASAP(the dues are $30).  You can pay it by either attending one of our upcoming meetings or send it by mail to:  Howard Lake Lions; P.O. Box 13; Howard Lake, MN 55349.
Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, October 7th at our regular meeting place.
So far, no one has volunteer to cook for this meeting.  If any member wants to cook for this meeting, please let Lion Steve Weber (543-3567 or 3471) ASAP.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 P.M. if there is no meal and 7:30 if there is one.

Our second meeting will take place on Thursday, October 21st at our regular meeting place.  There will be a Board of Directors  meeting at 6:30 P.M. followed by our regular business meeting at 7:00 P.M.  No one has volunteered to cook for this meeting either.  Please let us know at the Oct. 7th meeting if you are interested.  We will also be installing new members at this meeting.

Happy birthday to all the Howard Lake Lion members  who are celebrating a birthday in October:  Elwood Engel(8); Jason Mapes(14); Dave Perry(14); Mardell Lemke(18); and Chris Bickmann(23).


There was a jogger who is so dumb he went to the Y to sign up for that 2K he's been hearing so much about.

Signs that you have a really bad cold: (1) you get a thank-you note from the president of Kleenex; (2) your eyelashes ache; (3) you've taken to frying bacon on your forehead; (4) when people hear you sneeze instead of saying "gesundheit," they make a run for the nearest bomb shelter;and (5) the label on your favorite cold medicine reads "this won't help at all, you poor wretch."

Indian Summer:  a spell of beautiful weather brought on by putting away warm-weather clothing.