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August 2005

Lion Mike Main would like to thank all the Howard Lake Lions who helped out at the Chris Barth benefit on July 23rd.  It was very much appreciated despite the heat and humidity.

Lion Steve Weber would also like to thank all the Howard Lake Lions who helped out at this year’s golf tournament benefit for Tim Jensen on July 16th.  It made his job much easier knowing that he can count on the HL Lions to be there.

Thanks to Sharon Gedeon and the HL Legion for the excellent meal at our Installation Night on July 7th.  Also, thanks to Lion President Catherine Stenberg for bringing dessert at our July 21st meeting.

Our first meeting of the month will be on Thursday, August 4th at our meeting place. This will be a dinner meeting.  The meal, which is at 7:00 P.M.,  will be potluck.  The business meeting will take place at 7:30 P.M.

Our second meeting will be take place on Thursday, August 18th also at our meeting place.  There
will be a Board of Directors meeting at 6:30 P.M.  Lion Tom Fiecke has volunteered to cook at this meeting which will  be at 7:00 P.M.  The business meeting will follow at 7:30 P.M.

At our May 19th meeting, our club decided to raise our membership dues from $40 to $50 effective immediately.  These fees are to be paid by no later than July 1st.  You can pay them by either by attending one of our two meetings in June or you can mail them to: Howard Lake Lions; P.O. Box 13; Howard Lake, Minnesota 55349.

At our Officer Installation Night on July 7th, the Howard Lake Lions also installed two new members into our club.  The new members that were installed are Layle Dawa and Julie Gangl.  Layle’s sponsor is Lion Catherine Stenberg and Julie’s sponsor in Lion Renee Lahr.  Congratulations Lions Julie and Layle.

The 4th Annual 4-Player Scramble Golf Tournament on Saturday, July 16th at The Greens in Howard Lake was a huge success.  We ended up with fourteen teams.  Thanks to Lion Steve Weber for chairing this event.  Also, thanks to Lions Denny Massey and Catherine Stenberg for serving on the tournament committee and thanks to Lions Tom Fiecke, Harvey Krohn, and Jeremy Kadlec for serving on the food committee.

Tim Jensen and his parents, Larry and Stephanie Jensen, were at the tournament and were very appreciative of all the work that our Lions club did.  They also attended our July 21st  meeting and expressed their appreciation also.

Our club is still taking orders for our new HL Lions club shirts.  The shirts are red with white lettering.  This time, the shirts are also available in women’s style along with the men’s.  The cost of the shirts are as follows: S –XL--$16; 2XL--$18; 3XL--$21.  If you are interested in ordering one, please put your name and size on a slip of paper in an envelope along with a check for the cost of shirt to: Lion Steve Weber; P.O. Box 22; Howard Lake, MN 55349.  Please make your check payable to C & C Embroidery.

Happy birthday to the following Howard Lake Lion members who will be celebrating a birthday
in August: Tim Oberpriller (13); Tom Main (17); Stan Roberts (26).

At the end of our last meeting,  Lion Duane Hass made an announcement that he had picked out a new recipient of the Lion’s “Crow Award.”  This award goes to the HL Lion who opens his mouth and ends up putting his foot in it instead.  The new recipient of this award goes to none other but Lion Steve Weber.  At the July 7th meeting, Lion Steve was ready to cancel this year’s golf tournament because of a lack of entries (a total of two at the time).  The members at that meeting talked him out of it and shortly after that, teams started signing up.  Lion Steve graciously accepted the award (ha! ha!).